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    Innovation enabler & growth catalyst for ambitious technology ventures, corporations and investors, impacting our world for the better.

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    Leveraging technology and the impact investing industry to solve global challenges, creating a better and more inclusive world.

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    Digital Accelerator

    Assisting technology ventures to scale and thrive, matching impact investor's objectives.  

Impact Growth

Amariyo Ventures is a startup development platform, a virtual and digital venture accelerator that supports innovators and innovations impacting our world for the better.   

Unique Methodology

Our unique methodology is based on scouting, screening, selecting and promoting promising ventures.  Selection criteria include scalability potential,  focus on verticals that have the largest chance of impact and strong teams that have the right mix of deep knowledge and the ability to execute and influence.


To best support our program, we bring in a range of world leading business partners, organizations, investors and experts in their field to support ventures towards best practices.

Strategic Partnerships

We remain close to a number of the largest influencing organizations around the world to make sure we can provide maximum add-value and exposure to impact open innovation. It also leverage our program by enabling possible strategic partnerships within our global networks.


Together with our partners we support and provide a package of essential services for selected ventures. We also match investors with varying financial return expectations and risk tolerance.

Human Factor

We emphasize the human side of technology and impact investment making the most out of innovation, for good.

Partners & Cooperations

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AWS Activate
Vinea Green

Our Team

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